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EP 2067737 A1 20090610 - Side bracing for a grid extension of a crane

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Side bracing for a grid extension of a crane

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Seitliche Abspannung für einen Gitterausleger eines Kranes

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Haubanage latéral pour un bras à grille d'une grue


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The bracing has a set of supporting elements (7) arranged laterally on a lattice boom (1) of a crane, and connection elements connecting the supporting elements with each other in a longitudinal direction of the boom. A clamping unit (14) i.e. hydraulic cylinder, introduces a tensile stress into the connection elements. The supporting elements are removably connected with sides of the lattice boom. The supporting elements have three longitudinal rods (3) in the form of a triangle whose base side is bolted laterally with the boom and leading edges are connected with the connection elements. Independent claims are also included for the following: (1) a connecting piece for connecting a bolt with a lateral bracing (2) a crane (3) a method for operating a crane (4) a crane control software stored on a data carrier or a data storage for performing a method for operating a crane.

Abstract (de)

Die vorliegende Erfindung zeigt eine seitliche Abspannung für einen Gitterausleger (1) eines Kranes, welche mehrere Stützelemente (7), die seitlich am Gitterausleger (1) angeordnet oder anordenbar sind, und Verbindungselemente (8), welche die Stützelemente (7) in Längsrichtung des Auslegers (1) miteinander verbinden, umfasst, wobei die seitliche Abspannung Spannmittel (14) zum Einbringen einer Zugspannung in die Verbindungselemente (8) aufweist.

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