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EP 2071420 B1 20130612 - Leveling control system for heavy equipment and associated method

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Leveling control system for heavy equipment and associated method

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Balancierungssteuerungssystem für schweres Fahrzeug und Verfahren

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Système de commande de maintien à niveau pour engin lourd et procédé associé


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[origin: EP2071420A2] A leveling control system and method for heavy equipment is provided. The leveling control system for heavy equipment, in which a lower frame having a traveling means and an upper frame are combined together by a tilting means, includes a sensor unit, provided in the equipment, for measuring twist angles of the lower frame and the upper frame against a reference horizontal surface and a traveling speed of the equipment, and detecting working state information of working devices; a control unit for receiving the twist angles, the traveling speed, and the working state information, calculating a correction angle for the leveling control of the upper frame, and generating a control signal for instructing an operation of an actuator in accordance with the correction angle; and a driving unit for performing the leveling through the actuator in accordance with the control signal received therein. The control unit is provided with an auto leveling mode module for performing the leveling against a reference horizontal surface, a re-leveling mode module for performing the leveling against the reference horizontal surface in a standstill state of the equipment for a limited time, and a track leveling mode module for performing the leveling against the lower frame.

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