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Fastening device for sports footwear items

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Verschlussvorrichtung für Sportschuhartikel

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Dispositif de fermeture pour articles de chaussures de sport.


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[origin: EP2082659A1] The present invention refers to a fastening device for sports footwear items comprising a shell (2) and a cuff (3) at least partially wrapping around, in use, a wearer's lower leg; the cuff (3) extends along an axis A substantially perpendicular to the sole of the shell (2); the fastening device (5) comprises a strap (6) associable to the cuff (3) by connecting means (8) fixedly attached adjacent an upper edge of the cuff (3); the strap (6) at least partially wraps around, in use, the cuff (3) or the wearer's lower leg at least over the respective front regions thereof. The strap (6) is slidable relative to the connecting means (8) along an axis substantially parallel to the axis A so as to be selectively adjustable in at least a first position and a second position relative to the cuff (3).

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