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Toll collection device and method for setting up the same

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Mauterfassungsgerät und Verfahren zum Einrichten eines Mauterfassungsgeräts

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Appareil de détection de péage et procédé d'agencement d'un appareil de détection de péage


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[origin: EP2128825A2] The method involves requesting toll relevant vehicle data from a server by a toll collection device (1) by transmitting a unique identifier e.g. vehicle reference number, of a vehicle in which the device is arranged. The unique identifier is transmitted by a portable radio system to the server. The toll relevant vehicle data are stored in a memory (19) of the toll collection device. Characteristic properties of the vehicle are detected by a camera, where a body form of the vehicle, number of axles and weight of the vehicle are selected as the characteristic properties of the vehicle. An independent claim is also included for a toll collection device.

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