Linked open EP data


This page provides links to the linked data representation of the EPO patent data to allow the data to be downloaded. This data is in standardized form and can be loaded into an RDF triple store.

There are three kinds of downloads:

Full Dataset

The full data contains complete and up to date patent data, CPC taxonomy and vocabulary files.

This data is updated weekly. We provide the current and the previous weeks data identified by year and week number.

The full data is provided in N-TRIPLES format. It is divided into multiple files to make it easier to download. Each download file is a single valid N-TRIPLES file compressed using GZIP. For each file, there is another file containing its SHA 512 checksum.

Full dataset for week 15

full_part01.nt.gz (117M, checksum)    full_part02.nt.gz (170M, checksum)    full_part03.nt.gz (166M, checksum)    full_part04.nt.gz (146M, checksum)    full_part05.nt.gz (126M, checksum)    full_part06.nt.gz (117M, checksum)    full_part07.nt.gz (118M, checksum)    full_part08.nt.gz (136M, checksum)    full_part09.nt.gz (134M, checksum)    full_part10.nt.gz (143M, checksum)    full_part11.nt.gz (150M, checksum)    full_part12.nt.gz (152M, checksum)    full_part13.nt.gz (158M, checksum)    full_part14.nt.gz (153M, checksum)    full_part15.nt.gz (153M, checksum)    full_part16.nt.gz (156M, checksum)    full_part17.nt.gz (133M, checksum)    full_part18.nt.gz (153M, checksum)    full_part19.nt.gz (145M, checksum)    full_part20.nt.gz (137M, checksum)    full_part21.nt.gz (128M, checksum)    full_part22.nt.gz (119M, checksum)    full_part23.nt.gz (126M, checksum)    full_part24.nt.gz (108M, checksum)    full_part25.nt.gz (112M, checksum)    full_part26.nt.gz (107M, checksum)    full_part27.nt.gz (108M, checksum)    full_part28.nt.gz (110M, checksum)    full_part29.nt.gz (111M, checksum)    full_part30.nt.gz (105M, checksum)    full_part31.nt.gz (106M, checksum)    full_part32.nt.gz (112M, checksum)    full_part33.nt.gz (104M, checksum)    full_part34.nt.gz (109M, checksum)    full_part35.nt.gz (102M, checksum)    full_part36.nt.gz (106M, checksum)    full_part37.nt.gz (114M, checksum)    full_part38.nt.gz (104M, checksum)    full_part39.nt.gz (108M, checksum)    full_part40.nt.gz (119M, checksum)    full_part41.nt.gz (123M, checksum)    full_part42.nt.gz (120M, checksum)    full_part43.nt.gz (108M, checksum)    full_part44.nt.gz (105M, checksum)    full_part45.nt.gz ( 96M, checksum)    full_part46.nt.gz (105M, checksum)    full_part47.nt.gz ( 90M, checksum)    full_part48.nt.gz ( 96M, checksum)    full_part49.nt.gz ( 89M, checksum)    full_part50.nt.gz ( 90M, checksum)    full_part51.nt.gz ( 90M, checksum)    full_part52.nt.gz ( 88M, checksum)    full_part53.nt.gz ( 86M, checksum)    full_part54.nt.gz ( 84M, checksum)    full_part55.nt.gz ( 84M, checksum)    full_part56.nt.gz ( 83M, checksum)    full_part57.nt.gz ( 80M, checksum)    full_part58.nt.gz ( 81M, checksum)    full_part59.nt.gz ( 84M, checksum)    full_part60.nt.gz ( 84M, checksum)    full_part61.nt.gz ( 83M, checksum)    full_part62.nt.gz ( 83M, checksum)    full_part63.nt.gz ( 84M, checksum)    full_part64.nt.gz ( 83M, checksum)    full_part65.nt.gz ( 82M, checksum)    full_part66.nt.gz ( 81M, checksum)    full_part67.nt.gz ( 81M, checksum)    full_part68.nt.gz ( 81M, checksum)    full_part69.nt.gz ( 79M, checksum)    full_part70.nt.gz ( 81M, checksum)    full_part71.nt.gz ( 81M, checksum)    full_part72.nt.gz ( 81M, checksum)    full_part73.nt.gz ( 80M, checksum)    full_part74.nt.gz ( 80M, checksum)    full_part75.nt.gz ( 82M, checksum)    full_part76.nt.gz ( 80M, checksum)    full_part77.nt.gz ( 92M, checksum)   


The linked data representation of the CPC taxonomy is provided as a single file in N-TRIPLES format compressed using GZIP.


Vocabulary files are provided in TURTLE format. This section provides the latest version of the vocabulary files which may be newer than in an initial download, though changes to these files are relatively infrequent.