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(88)Date of publication A3:
28.11.1979 Bulletin 1979/24

(43)Date of publication A2:
14.11.1979 Bulletin 1979/23

(21)Application number: 79850038

(22)Date of filing:  02.05.1979
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(30)Priority: 03.05.1978 SE 7805099

(71)Applicant: Weland & Söner AB

  • Hakansson, Johnny


(54)Load transmitting fastening elements for gratings

(57) A fastening element (16) for the interconnection of gratings (10, 11). The fastening element is of I-shape and intended to be placed between the edge steel members (13) of two juxtaposed gratings so that the steel members rest on the supporting surfaces (21) formed on the lower flange (17) of the fastening element. The upper flange (18) of the fastening element has lugs (20) which are bent out of a flange side face in one direction longitudinally of the edge steel members. After the mounting of the fastening element said side face of the flange (18) is bent down into engagement with the upper edge surfaces of the edge steel members (13) whereby the lugs (20) are pushed down outside the remote side faces of the edge steel members (13).