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09.07.1997 Bulletin 1997/28

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11.12.1996 Bulletin 1996/50

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(51)Int. Cl.6F16D 27/112
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(30)Priority: 02.06.1995 IT TO950460

(71)Applicant: Cipriani, Marco
10135 Torino (IT)

  • Cipriani, Marco
    10135 Torino (IT)

(74)Representative: Plebani, Rinaldo et al
c/o Studio Torta, Via Viotti 9
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10121 Torino (IT)


(54)Electromagnetic friction joint

(57) An electromagnetic friction joint, particularly for connecting a torquing tool to a motor, for applying a predetermined torque to the tool; the joint presenting a pair of axial rotors fitted idly, coaxially in tandem, and mechanically disconnected from each other inside a casing, and respectively connected to the motor and the tool; the two rotors presenting respective opposite disk-shaped ends defined by respective opposite front faces facing each other and separated by a predetermined axial clearance, and surrounded radially on the outside by an electromagnet fitted to the casing, so that the disk-shaped ends are immersed in a predetermined magnetic field, the flux lines of which are linked via an air gap defined by the predetermined axial clearance; the front faces each presenting a respective ring of radial face teeth; the teeth in each ring presenting ridges defined by respective coplanar, flat face surfaces defined by annular wedges; and the axial clearance being defined between the surfaces of the teeth in one ring and the surfaces of the corresponding teeth in the other ring.