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(54)Digital radio communication system and method

(57) QPSK modulated quadrature baseband signal generating section 301 generates a QPSK modulated quadrature baseband signal. 8PSK modulated quadrature baseband signal generating section 302 generates an 8PSK modulated quadrature baseband signal. Based on the modulation scheme determined information, in-phase component switching section 304 and quadrature component switching section 305 switch between the QPSK modulated quadrature baseband signal, 8PSK modulated quadrature baseband signal and pilot symbol to output to radio section 306. Radio section 306 performs the predetermined radio processing on the baseband signal to output a transmission signal. The transmission signal is amplified in power amplifier 307, and the amplified transmission signal is transmitted from transmission antenna 309. It is thereby possible to take into account both the improvement in the data transmission rate, and the benefit and convenience in terminals.