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08103934.9 / 2117224

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  • Liou, Ming-Luen
    235 Jhonghe City, Taipei County (TW)
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(54)Digitized analog TV signal processing system

(57) A digitized analog television signal processing system (200) is disclosed, comprising an analog-to-digital converter (202), a demodulation unit (203), a decoding unit (222), and a control unit (216). The analog-to-digital converter (202) samples a television signal comprising a video signal. The demodulation unit (203) demodulates the video signal. The decoding unit (222) decodes the demodulated video signal. The control unit (216) adjusts the demodulation unit (203) according to a signal quality indicator generated during and/or after the decoding of the decoding unit (222). The demodulation unit further comprises a carrier recovery unit configured to lock a video carrier of the video signal at an intermediate frequency, and the control unit can make a loop bandwidth of the carrier recovery unit controlled according to the signal quality indicator.

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