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[0001] This invention refers to a sealed filament anti-splash urinal mat consisting of small strands that prevent liquid splashing thus eradicating the spread of diseases. This mat also has different conic levels to prevent the accumulation of liquids in the mat's base. This mat was manufactured in order to prevent bad odors from urine accumulated outside urinals when it splashes and contacts urinals' walls and/or waste liquids inside them, trapping liquid falling down and not letting liquid accumulate on the mat's base as it happens with other products, because it has different conic levels that lead liquids to the drainage and keep the mat free of waste liquid and bad odors. Likewise, it offers a more hygienic environment by preventing the spread of possible diseases to the users via cross contamination at the time they are splashed with urinal waste liquids.


[0002] There are urinal mats in the market made from brush like filaments whose function is to stop urine that could splash sidewise but they are worn out quickly and their filaments fold thereby decreasing their performance while letting urine accumulate and stop doing what they were made for. Urinal mats of the pre-known kind are disclosed in US 5 774 905 A and in GB 2 473 273 A.

[0003] With the mats available in the market nowadays, one has the inconvenience of having to replace them constantly because they are worn out or because they are smelly due to liquid and bacteria accumulation, therefore in order to avoid all those problems, it was decided to create a longer lasting mat that would prevent restroom bad odors and the spread of bacteria. The mats that we developed do not need to be replaced as frequently as other current mats that do not have sealed filaments; because it is precisely at the base of non-sealed strands that most of bacteria accumulate. Our mats have a sealed-filament system that prevents the accumulation or stagnation of bacteria and are made with different conic levels at the mat's base to avoid stacked bacteria in liquids and resin corrosion since mats are made from resin to stand the accumulation of liquids.

[0004] This mat was created thinking in preventing liquid splashes in urinals and its surroundings as well as in mat durability by having draining urine quickly and effectively through its different conic levels. This mat is manufactured from a strong plastic material resistant to the corrosion produced by liquid accumulation due to its different elevations that facilitates liquid drainage.

[0005] As a supplementary description and with the intention to provide a better understanding of the invention, attached hereto and forming integral part of the description, are sketches that in an illustrative and not limiting manner represent the following:
Figure 1
shows a front top elevation view of an anti-splash mat with sealed filaments that prevent liquid splashes and the base orifices through which fluids run to the drainage due to its different conic elevations that guide liquids to the mat's orifices. It also releases aroma and antibacterial substance.
Figure 2
shows a front elevation view of the mat's base where one can see the orifices through which urine flows to the drainage and studs/legs located and distributed in such a way that the mat is elevated eluding the liquid accumulation.
Figure 3
shows a side view of the mat where one can see the sealed filaments that interrupt liquid drops, and it also depicts the mat's base and studs/legs that elevate the mat to avert liquid accumulation.
Figure 4
shows a side cut perspective view that shows the different conic levels that guide liquid flow to the mat's base orifices thus preventing liquid accumulation and bad odors.
Figure 5
shows a zoom in cut side view of the different conic levels that lead liquids to the orifices located at the mat's base.


[0006] The characteristic details of this mat are clearly shown in the following description and in the drawings attached hereto. It is also annexed a descriptive illustration that follows the same reference signs to indicate the parts and figures shown.

[0007] At first sight, one can perceive on the figures how is the urinal anti splash mat (1) structured with sealed-filaments to prevent urine splashes by cutting off its drop and bad odors caused by urine accumulation, because it also has different conic levels (5) that guide liquids to the orifices (3) located at the mat's base.

[0008] Orifices (3) are distributed in such a way that they go directly to the urinal's drain. They are distributed throughout the anti-splash mat's base, have sealed filaments and different conic levels (5) in each one of the orifices (3) to prevent possible accumulation of liquids at the mat's base (2).

[0009] The sealed filament anti-splash mat's base (2) has different conic levels (5) distributed along the base (2) to lead liquids to the orifices (3) through which urine flows to the drain once the filaments had done their job of trapping the urine when falling preventing the splashes outside the urinal. Underneath the mat's base (2) there are some studs/short legs (4) whose function is to let flow the liquids beneath the mat.


1. Urinal mat (1) manufactured from plastic resistant to corrosion caused by liquid accumulation, wherein the urinal mat (1) comprises a base (2) with an upper side and a bottom side and a plurality of sealed filaments which are arranged on the upper side of the base (2), wherein the sealed filaments trap urine when falling down and prevent its accumulation or bacteria culture,

characterized in that

different conic elevations (5) are arranged on the upper side of the base (2), wherein the filaments are arranged on top of the conic elevations (5), so that liquids are guided to orifices (3) located at the mat's base (2) that go to drainage exit, wherein the base (2) comprises studs (4) at its bottom side so that liquids can flow beneath the mat (1).



1. Urinalmatte (1), die aus Kunststoff hergestellt ist, der gegen durch Flüssigkeitsansammlung verursachte Korrosion beständig ist, wobei die Urinalmatte (1) eine Basis (2) mit einer Oberseite und einer Unterseite und eine Vielzahl von versiegelten Filamenten umfasst, die auf der Oberseite der Basis (2) angeordnet sind, wobei die versiegelten Filamente Urin beim Herunterfallen auffangen und seine Ansammlung oder Bakterienkultur verhindern,
dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass
verschiedene konische Erhebungen (5) auf der Oberseite der Basis (2) angeordnet sind, wobei die Filamente oben auf den konischen Erhebungen (5) angeordnet sind, so dass Flüssigkeiten zu Öffnungen (3) geführt werden, die sich an der Basis (2) der Matte befinden und zum Drainageausgang gehen, wobei die Basis (2) an ihrer Unterseite Noppen (4) aufweist, so dass Flüssigkeiten unter die Matte (1) fließen können.


1. Tapis pour urinoir (1) fabriqué à partir de plastique résistant à la corrosion provoquée par l'accumulation de liquide, le tapis pour urinoir (1) comprenant une base (2) avec un côté supérieur et un côté inférieur et une pluralité de filaments scellés qui sont disposés sur le côté supérieur de la base (2), les filaments scellés recueillant l'urine qui tombe et empêchant son accumulation ou
une culture de bactéries,
caractérisé en ce que
différentes élévations coniques (5) sont disposées sur le côté supérieur de la base (2), les filaments étant disposés par-dessus les élévations coniques (5) de telle sorte que des liquides soient guidés vers des orifices (3) situés à la base du tapis (2), lesquels conduisent vers une sortie de drainage, la base (2) comprenant des goujons (4) au niveau de son côté inférieur de telle sorte que les liquides puissent s'écouler en dessous du tapis (1).



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