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Fabrication of super-sharp nanowire atomic force microscope using a field emission induced growth technique   [0010] 
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Control and Characterization of a Multistep Unimolecular Reaction   [0028] 
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Ab Initio Thermochemistry of the Hydrogenation of Hydrocarbon Radicals Using Silicon, Germanium, Tin and Lead Substituted Methane and Isobutane   [0039] 
Optimal Tooltip Trajectories in a Hydrogen Abstraction Tool Recharge Reaction Sequence for Positionally Controlled Diamond Mechanosynthesis   [0039] 
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Positioning Single Atoms with a Scanning Tunnelling Microscope   [0040] 
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Structural and Functional Imaging with Carbon Nanotube AFM Probes   [0162] 
Achieving Chemical Accuracy with Coupled-Cluster Theory   [0221] 
CAD-guided automated nanoassembly using atomic force microscopy-based nonrobotics   [0245] 
Automated CAD/CAM-based nanolithography using a custom atomic force microscope   [0245]