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EP2417941A   [0003] 
JP2013A   [0063] 
JP046449A   [0063] 

An Anthropomorphic Hand Exoskeleton to Prevent Astronaut Hand Fatigue During Extravehicular Activities   [0004] 
A design of fine motion assist equipment for disabled hand in robotic rehabilitation system   [0004] 
An Actuated Finger Exoskeleton for Hand Rehabilitation Following Stroke   [0004] 
Five-Figngered Assisitive Hand with Mechanical Compliance of Human Finger   [0004] 
A Pneumatic Glove and Immersive Virtual Reality Environment for Hand Rehabilitative Training After Stroke   [0004] 
Development of Exoskeleton Type Grip Amplification Glove using Pneumatic Artificial Muscle   [0004] 
Development of Hand Exoskeleton device prototype using three-layered Connecting Sliding spring Mechanism   [0004] 
A hand exoskeleton robot for rehabiliting using a three layered sliding mechnism   [0004]