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Rapid and long-term disappearance of CD4+ T lymphocyte responses specific for Anaplasma marginale major surface protein-2 (MSP2) in MSP2 vaccinates following challenge with live A. marginale   [0187] 
Anaplasma marginale major surface protein 2 CD4+-T-cell epitopes are evenly distributed in conserved and hypervariable regions (HVR), whereas linear B-cell epitopes are predominantly located in the HVR   [0187] 
Identification of Anaplasma marginale Outer Membrane Protein Antigens Conserved between A. marginale Sensu Stricto Strains and the Live A. marginale subsp. centrale Vaccine   [0187] 
IgG and IgG2 antibodies from cattle naturally infected with Anaplasma marginale recognize the recombinant vaccine candidate antigens VirB9, VirB10, and elongation factor-Tu. Mem. Inst   [0187] 
The Hypervariable Region of Anaplasma marginale Major Surface Protein 2 (MSP2) Contains Multiple Immunodominant CD4 + T Lymphocyte Epitopes That Elicit Variant-Specific Proliferative and IFN- Responses in MSP2 Vaccinates   [0187] 
CD4+ T Lymphocytes from Anaplasma marginale Major Surface Protein 2 (MSP2) Vaccinees Recognize Naturally Processed Epitopes Conserved in MSP3   [0187] 
Reduced Infectivity for Cattle of an Outer Membrane Protein mutant of Anaplasma marginale   [0187] 
Mapping of B-cell epitopes in the N-terminal repeated peptides of Anaplasma marginale major surface protein 1a and characterization of the humoral immune response of cattle immunized with recombinant and whole organism antigens   [0187] 
Chemical Modifications Designed to Improve Peptide Stability: Incorporation of Non-Natural Amino Acids, Pseudo-Peptide Bonds, and Cyclization   [0187] 
Protective immunity induced by immunization with a live, cultured Anaplasma marginale strain   [0187] 
Analysis of membrane protein genes in a Brazilian isolate of Anaplasma marginale   [0187] 
Applications for T-cell epitope queries and tools in the Immune Epitope Database and Analysis Resource   [0187] 
Evaluating the effectiveness of an inactivated vaccine from Anaplasma marginale derived from tick cell culture   [0187] 
Immunogenicity of Anaplasma marginale Type IV Secretion System Proteins in a Protective Outer Membrane Vaccine   [0187] 
An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of antibodies against Babesia bovis in cattle   [0187] 
Recombinant vaccinia virus expression of Anaplasma marginale surface protein MSP-Ia: effect of promoters, leader sequences and GPI anchor sequence on antibody response   [0187] 
Breadth of the CD4+ T-cell response to Anaplasma marginale VirB9-1, VirB9-2, and VirB10 and MHC class II DR and DQ restriction elements   [0187] 
Association and Evidence for Linked Recognition of Type IV Secretion System Proteins VirB9-1, VirB9-2, and VirB10 in Anaplasma marginale   [0187] 
The immunization-induced antibody response to the Anaplasma marginale major surface protein 2 and its association with protective immunity   [0187] 
Composition of the Surface Proteome of Anaplasma marginale and Its Role in Protective Immunity Induced by Outer Membrane Immunization   [0187] 
Epitope-Based Vaccines with the Anaplasma marginale MSP1a Functional Motif Induce a Balanced Humoral and Cellular Immune Response in Mice   [0187] 
Evaluation of humoral and cellular immune response of BALB/c mice immunized with a recombinant fragment of MSP1a from Anaplasma marginale using carbon nanotubes as a carrier molecule   [0187] 
The immune epitope database (IEDB) 3.0   [0187] 
Method of manufacturing anaplasmosis vaccine   [0187] 
Frozen Anaplasma centrale vaccine against anaplasmosis in cattle   [0187] 
Anaplasmosis Vaccine   [0187] 
Anaplasma marginale antigen, antigen compositions, vaccine and process for the production of said antigen, antigen compositions and vaccine   [0187] 
Recombinant antigen MSP1a from Anaplasma marginale to reduce infections in ticks, vaccine compositions and methods of use   [0187] 
Analysis of relative gene expression data using real-time quantitative PCR and the 2-ΔΔCT method   [0187] 
Immunization of cattle using a DNA vaccine (pcDNA3.1/MSP1b) prepared from the Jaboticabal strain of Anaplasma marginale   [0187] 
Detection and quantification of Anaplasma marginale DNA in blood samples of cattle by real-time PCR   [0187] 
Determination of protein: a modification of the Lowry method that gives a linear photometric response   [0187] 
Design and evaluation of a unique SYBR Green real-time RT-PCR assay for quantification of five major cytokines in cattle, sheep and goats   [0187] 
Impaired CD8(+) T cell responses upon Toll-like receptor activation in common variable immunodeficiency   [0187] 
Isolation of Babesia bigemina and Babesia bovis merozoites by ammonium chloride lysis of infected erythrocytes   [0187] 
The rapid quantitative analysis of bovine cytokine genes by real-time RT-PCR   [0187] 
Molecular and serological prevalence of Anaplasma marginale in water buffaloes in northern Brazil   [0187] 
A standardized gating technique for the generation of flow cytometry data for normal canine and normal feline blood lymphocytes   [0187] 
Antigenic variation in the persistence and transmission of ehrlichia Anaplasma marginale   [0187] 
Detection and quantification of Anaplasma marginale in carrier cattle by using a nucleic acid probe   [0187] 
Expression of Anaplasma marginale major surface protein 2 variants during persistent cyclic rickettsemia   [0187] 
Simultaneous variation of the immunodominant outer membrane proteins, msp2 and msp3, during Anaplasma marginale persistence in vivo   [0187] 
Generation of Antigenic Variants via Gene Conversion: Evidence for recombination fitness selection at the locus level in Anaplasma marginale   [0187]