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Red and processed meat and colorectal cancer incidence: meta-analysis of prospective studies   [0047] 
Red meat and colon cancer: should we become vegetarians, or can we make meat safer?   [0047] 
The impact of dietary and lifestyle risk factors on risk of colorectal cancer: a quantitative overview of the epidemiological evidence   [0047] 
Dairy cattle serum and milk factors contributing to the risk of colon and breast cancers   [0047] 
Infectious Agents in Bovine Red Meat and Milk and Their Potential Role in Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases   [0047] 
Red meat consumption and cancer: reasons to suspect involvement of bovine infectious factors in colorectal cancer   [0047] 
Risk factors: What do breast and CRC cancers and MS have in common?   [0047] 
Isolation of protein-associated circular DNA from healthy cattle serum   [0047] 
Isolation of Two Virus-Like Circular DNAs from Commercially Available Milk Samples   [0047] 
Specific Nutritional Infections Early in Life as Risk Factors for Human Colon and Breast Cancers Several Decades Later   [0047] 
Novel replication-competent circular DNA molecules from healthy cattle serum and milk and multiple sclerosis-affected human brain tissue   [0047] 
Mycovirus-like DNA virus sequences from cattle serum and human brain and serum samples from multiple sclerosis patients   [0047] 
Isolation of bacterial plasmid-related replication-associated circular DNA from a serum sample of a multiple sclerosis patient   [0047] 
DNA Replication   [0047] 
A review of mini-F plasmid maintenance   [0047] 
Plasmid Rolling-Circle Replication   [0047] 
Mechanism of staphylococcal multiresistance plasmid replication origin assembly by the RepA protein   [0047] 
Addressing Intracellular Amyloidosis in Bacteria with RepA-WH1, a Prion-Like Protein   [0047] 
RepA-WH1 prionoid: Clues from bacteria on factors governing phase transitions in amyloidogenesis   [0047] 
RepA-WH1 prionoid: a synthetic amyloid proteinopathy in a minimalist host   [0047] 
Nuclease resistant circular DNAs copurify with infectivity in scrapie and CJD   [0047] 
A prokaryotic viral sequence is expressed and conserved in mammalian brain   [0047] 
Expression and replication of virus-like circular DNA in human cells   [0047] 
A conformational switch between transcriptional repression and replication initiation in the RepA dimerization domain   [0047] 
Crystal structure of a prokaryotic replication initiator protein bound to DNA at 2.6 A resolution   [0047] 
Structural basis for regulation of bifunctional roles in replication initiator protein   [0047] 
Crystal structure of pi initiator protein-iteron complex of plasmid R6K: implications for initiation of plasmid DNA replication   [0047] 
Remodeling of replication initiator proteins   [0047] 
Crystal structures of GII.10 and GII.12 norovirus protruding domains in complex with histo-blood group antigens reveal details for a potential site of vulnerability   [0047] 
Optimization of data collection taking radiation damage into account   [0047] 
MxCuBE: a synchrotron beamline control environment customized for macromolecular crystallography experiments   [0047] 
XDS. Acta Cryst.   [0047] 
Structures from anomalous diffraction of native biological macromolecules   [0047] 
Experimental phasing with SHELXC/D/E: combining chain tracing with density modification   [0047] 
Automated macromolecular model building for X-ray crystallography using ARP/wARP version 7   [0047] 
Features and development of Coot   [0047] 
PHENIX: a comprehensive Python-based system for macromolecular structure solution   [0047]