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18.03.1992 Bulletin 1992/12

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24.04.1991 Bulletin 1991/17

(21) Application number: 90810786.5

(22) Date of filing: 15.10.1990
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(30) Priority: 16.10.1989 JP 121159/89 U
16.10.1989 JP 270091/89
22.12.1989 JP 333995/89

(71) Applicant: CHALLENGE FIVE CO.Ltd.
Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu (JP)

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  • Shibahara, Kenji, Kabushiki Kaisha Challenge Five
    Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu (JP)

(74) Representative: Baggiolini, Raimondo Patent Attorneys et al
Fiammenghi-Fiammenghi Via San Gottardo 15
CH-6900 Lugano
CH-6900 Lugano (CH)

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    (54) Information medium papers, such as newspapers, magazines, and advertisement papers, method of making a communication medium (mail) in the form of a postcard, a letter or the like from such paper, and core sheet and label for making such communication medium

    (57) The invention relates to an information medium paper, such as newspaper, magazine, or advertisement paper, provided with a communication medium forming portion for use in making a communication medium, such as a potcard or a letter, a method of making such communication medium from such communication medium paper, and a core sheet for insertion in the interior of a communication medium forming sheet obtained by cutting the communication medium forming portion from the communication medium paper when the communication medium sheet is folded at least in two, and a label adapted to be mounted on the communication medium forming sheet.
    Any information written in the communication medium forming sheet can be concealed by folding the sheet double and/or by mounting the labelthereon, whereby he information can be kept in secrecy-maintained condition and the need of an envelope is eliminated.

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