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28.12.1994 Bulletin 1994/52

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02.11.1994 Bulletin 1994/44

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Shimizu 424 (JP)

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  • Takei, Toshio
    Mishima 411 (JP)

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    (54) Apparatus for charging viscous fluid and method of charging the same

    (57) A delivery pipe 2 having an upper portion communicating with a supply chamber 12 for viscous fluid formed in a frame 1 and having an opened lower portion is allowed to hang from the lower portion of the frame 1, a fluid supply hole 3 connected to fluid supply means d is formed in one of the surfaces of the supply chamber 12 of the frame 1, a valve 5 is disposed in the supply chamber 12 of the frame 1 to allow and stop the flow of the fluid by the vertical movement of a valve rod 4 of the valve 5 realized by opening/closing means 6, a suction port 8 connected to suction means 19 and communicating with a draft hole 9 of a draft passage 17 of the valve rod 4 is formed in one of the surfaces of the suction chamber 7 in the frame 1, and a suction pipe 10 for sucking excess fluid is disposed in the delivery pipe 2 so that an apparatus and a method of charging viscous liquid are provided with which the viscous fluid can be charged into containers while uniforming the fluid levels even if the capacities of the containers are not the same.

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