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Intermediate cable for carburettors

Zwischenkabel für Vergaser

Cable intermédiaire pour carburateurs

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    08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona (ES)

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[0001] The invention relates to a carburettor operating mechanism with intermediate cable as defined in claim 1.

[0002] The carburettor is a device which mixes atmospheric air with liquid fuels, so as to make them combustible or explosive.

[0003] Said mixing is performed in the combustion chamber and depending on the amount of air introduced, the motorcycle will increase the revolutions of the pistons and thereby increase speed.

[0004] In motorcycles and mopeds, the traditional carburettor has a guillotine valve in the entrance conduct to the mixture which regulates the amount of air supplied.

[0005] This guillotine valve has a piston which is attached to the accelerator cable of the motorcycle, and in order to access it the cover of the carburettor must be unscrewed from the top.

[0006] There is a restoring spring between the cover and the cylinder.

[0007] In order to accelerate the motorcycle, the cable is pulled by the motorcycle grip. Then the guillotine cylinder is raised, allowing a greater flow of air to enter.

[0008] Nowadays, motorcycle manufacturers do not make carburettors for financial reasons, and these are bought from specialised manufacturers.

[0009] Said carburettors are furnished by these manufacturers without a cable for storage reasons, since each motorcycle model has a different cable, and for packaging reasons, as the cable is very long and bending or rolling it is quite difficult and may damage it.

[0010] For the above reasons, the motorcycle and moped manufacturer nowadays is forced to mount the cable on the carburettor supplied, this being a complex operation and not mechanizable, for which reason the company must have a person occupied in said function.

[0011] The operation consists of opening the top of the carburettor, removing the admission cylinder, disassembling the elastic ring and spring, inserting the cable, reassembling the elastic ring and spring, introducing the cylinder with the end of the cable now attached to it and finally replacing the carburettor cover.

[0012] This operation is quite tedious and nowadays means a longer production time.

[0013] A solution would lie in carburettors being provided with an element simplifying the insertion of the accelerator cable.

[0014] DE-A-3317382 discloses a Bowden cable suitable for use with carburettors, including a fixed end screw. DE-A-2548545 discloses a Bowden cable provided with a plastic coating on the core wire, for the purpose of lowering the friction.

[0015] The intermediate accelerator cable is basically placed inside a bent or straight support tube with a protective antifriction plastic coating placed between them.

[0016] This plastic covering reduces friction of the cable against the metallic tubular element, thus increasing its lifespan.

[0017] On one end, the cable has a connection head which is attached to the guillotine cylinder of the carburettor.

[0018] The other end is formed by a female connection to the normal accelerator cable.

[0019] In the far end of the support tube is placed a fixed screw to be joined to a tensioner or a sliding cover with a screw.

[0020] The traditional accelerator cable has an elastic ring of the sliding cover in its extremity, also having the typical male head which fits perfectly into the female connection of the intermediate cable.

[0021] In order to connect both heads, male and female, all that needs to be done is to move the sliding cover which will in turn move the main cable guide so that one may take out the male head and introduce it in the female orifice.

[0022] Once both cables are joined, the sliding cover is screwed to the fixed screw of the support tube, the entire set being fixed and both connection heads joined.

[0023] The main advantage of this innovative cable for motorcycles and mopeds lies in the savings derived from not having to disassemble the carburettor since it shall arrive from the factory with the support tube which incorporates the intermediate accelerator cable.

[0024] That is, to this day the factory receiving the carburettor had to hire an employee to uncover the carburettor and connect the adequate accelerator cable for the type of motorcycle or moped.

[0025] After incorporation of the innovative intermediate cable, the carburettor received by the motorcycle factory shall have this standard cable inside the support tube already installed, and all to be done is connect the male and female heads.


[0026] With the aim of illustrating all that has been said above, drawings are attached, where in a simple and schematic way is shown a purely illustrative and non-limiting example embodiment of the practical possibilities of the invention.

[0027] In said drawings, Figure 1 shows a disassembled view in cross section of the new cable for motorcycles and mopeds with the bent option.

[0028] Figure 2 corresponds to an assembled view of the cable for motorcycles and mopeds.

[0029] Figure 3 corresponds to a cross section view of the antifriction cover and the intermediate cable.


[0030] The new mechanism is characterised in that said intermediate cable (1) is placed inside a metallic support tube (4) which may be bent or straight, inserting between them an antifriction plastic coating (5).

[0031] On one end cable (1) is composed of a connection head (2) which is attached to the guillotine cylinder of the carburettor.

[0032] Its other end is composed of a female connection terminal (3) for the traditional accelerator cable.

[0033] The end of the metal tube support (4) is provided with a fixed screw (6) for union to a tensioner or sliding cover (7).

[0034] The traditional accelerator cable shall have an elastic ring (8) of the sliding cover (7) on its end, also having the traditional male head (9) which fits perfectly into the female connection terminal of the intermediate cable.


1. Carburettor operating mechanism with intermediate cable, of the type used in motorcycles and mopeds, wherein said intermediate cable (1) has, at a lower end, a connection head (2) which is attached to the carburettor cylinder, and, at an opposite end, a female terminal (3) connected to an accelerator cable, said intermediate cable (1) being encased in a metal or plastic support tube (4), said support tube being bent or straight and provided with a fixed end screw (6) for connection to a tensioner or sliding cover (7) and with a plastic coating (5) protecting the intermediate cable (1), said plastic coating being placed between said intermediate cable (1) and the support tube (4), the accelerator cable, which is arranged to be directly connected to an accelerator lever, being provided with a male head (9) for connection to the female terminal (3) of the intermediate cable (1), said accelerator cable further being provided, at its end, with an elastic ring (8) of the sliding cover (7).


1. Vergaserbetriebsmechanismus mit einem Verbindungskabel, wie er in Motorrädern und Mopeds verwendet wird, worin das besagte Verbindungskabel (1) an seinem unteren Ende einen Verbindungskopf (2) hat, der am Vergaserzylinder befestigt ist, und am gegenüberliegenden Ende ein weibliches Kabelende (3) verbunden mit einem Gaszug hat, wobei das Verbindungskabel (1) eingehüllt ist in ein Verstärkungsrohr (4) aus Metall oder Plastik, dass das Verstärkungsrohr gerade oder gebogen und mit einer Fixierschraube (6) zur Verbindung mit einer Zug- oder Schiebeabdeckung (7) versehen ist und ausgerüstet ist mit einer Plastikschicht (5) zum Schutz des Verbindungskabels (1), dass sich diese Plastikschicht zwischen dem Verbindungskabel (1) und dem Verstärkungsrohr (4) befindet, dass der Gaszug zur direkten Verbindung mit einem Gaspedal angeordnet ist, wobei der Gaszug mit einem männlichen Ende (9) zur Verbindung mit dem weiblichen Ende (3) des Verbindungskabels (1) ausgestattet ist, dass der besagte Gaszug weiterhin, an seinem Ende, mit einem elastischen Ring (8) der Schiebeabdeckung (7) ausgestattet ist.


1. Mécanisme de commande d'un carburateur comportant un câble intermédiaire, du type utilisé dans les motocycles et des cyclomoteurs, selon lequel ledit câble intermédiaire (1) possède, à son extrémité inférieure, une tête de liaison (2) qui est reliée au cylindre du carburateur, et, à une extrémité opposée, un embout femelle (3) relié à un câble d'accélérateur, ledit câble intermédiaire (1) étant contenu dans un tube support (4) en métal ou en plastique, ledit tube support étant courbé ou droit et pourvu d'une vis d'extrémité fixe (6) pour connexion à un tendeur ou un capot coulissant (7) et d'un revêtement plastique (5) protégeant le câble intermédiaire (1), ledit revêtement plastique étant placé entre ledit câble intermédiaire (1) et le tube support (4), le câble d'accélérateur, qui est disposé pour être relié directement à un levier d'accélérateur, étant pourvu d'une tête mâle (9) pour la liaison à la tête femelle (3) du câble intermédiaire (1), ledit câble d'accélérateur étant également pourvu, à son extrémité, d'une bague élastique (8) du capot coulissant (7).