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04.02.2004 Bulletin 2004/06

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08.10.2003 Bulletin 2003/41

(21) Application number: 03014704.5

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(30) Priority: 07.10.1997 US 61293 P

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98952151.3 / 1021637

(71) Applicant: FMC Technologies, Inc.
Chicago, IL 60601 (US)

(72) Inventors:
  • Cunningham, Christopher E.
    Spring, TX 77388 (US)
  • Bartlett, Christopher D.
    Spring, TX 77388 (US)

(74) Representative: Hanna, Peter William Derek et al
Hanna, Moore & Curley, 11 Mespil Road,
Dublin 4
Dublin 4 (IE)


(54) A method of completing a subsea well

(57) The method of the invention includes slimbore marine riser (124) and slimbore blow out preventer (BOP) stack (120) operations for landing the reduced diameter tubing hanger (TH12) in a tubing spool (TS10) using a landing string (LS). Conventional sized BOP stacks and marine risers may also be used for the various operations. The slimbore BOP stack and completion landing string is set aside of the tubing spool, and an xmas tree (150) is connected to the top of the tubing spool. The xmas tree may be deployed to the tubing spool independently of the riser(s) connected to and/or deployed inside of the BOP stack. A BOP adapter (152) is provided to connect the top of the conventional sized xmas tree to the bottom of the slimbore or conventional sized BOP stack and marine riser. The landing string, with tubing hanger running tool at its bottom end, is used along with other equipment to provide a high pressure conduit to the surface for production fluids, and to serve as a mandrel around which BOP rams (128) and/or annular BOPS may be closed to create a fluid path for the borehole annulus which is accessed and controlled by the BOP choke and kill conduits. After the BOP stack is removed by disconnecting the BOP deep water applications, where the xmas tree can be installed without first having to retrieve and subsequently re-run the BOP stack. Another important object of the invention is to provide a method which allows future intervention using a BOP stack/marine riser or a more conventional workover/intervention riser.

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