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EP 0789107 A3 2000-01-19 - Headbox for papermaking machines

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Headbox for papermaking machines

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Stoffauflauf für Papiermaschinen

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Caisse de tête de machines à papier


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[origin: EP0462472A1] The invention relates to a headbox for papermaking machines, having a distributor for distributing a fed pulp suspension over the working width of the papermaking machine, a guiding device, having a multiplicity of holes or channels, for the pulp suspension and an outflow channel, as wide as the machine, with an outflow gap for distributing the pulp suspension, and also with means for adjusting the stock consistency of the pulp suspension across the working width. The invention is characterised by the following features: (a) The headbox is divided by partitions into sections across its width; (b) the individual section has at least one inlet line for feeding a part-stream (sectional stream); (c) a mixer is provided upstream of the individual inlet line; (d) the mixer has at least two connections for supplying suspension streams (control streams) with preset operating parameters (throughput, stock consistency, fibre quality). <IMAGE>

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