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EP 0796667 A3 19980114 - Process and device for dosing and extrusion of bicomponent sealant

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Process and device for dosing and extrusion of bicomponent sealant

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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Dosierung und Extrusion einer zweikomponentigen Dichtungsmasse

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Procédé et dispositif pour le dosage et l'extrusion d'un matériau d'étanchéité à deux composants


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[origin: EP0796667A2] The present application relates to a procedure and a device for extruding, according to a variable volumetric ratio, liquid components, including very high viscosity components, called the base product and the catalyst, of a dual-component sealant (or in any case a dual-component product) and pumping them into other devices such as a mixer and an extrusion gun. The device is made up of two dosing cylinders, ( the base product cylinder that functions as the 'master' cylinder and the catalyst cylinder that functions as the 'slave' cylinder), whose pistons are driven by rods placed parallel between themselves. The piston stroke of the 'master' cylinder is driven by the pressure of the base product obtained by means of a pump that suctions the product out of a drum, while the movement of the 'slave' cylinder rod is driven by a mechanical transmission which is set in motion by the 'master' cylinder rod. The pump that suctions the catalyst therefore only feeds the 'slave' cylinder. The mechanical transmission between the movement of the 'master' cylinder rod and the 'slave' cylinder rod, is variable due to the substitution of the components of the kinematic movement but is strictly constant during piston strokes. Appropriate valves, such as slide valves, enable the device to function continuously insofar as they invert the piston strokes when the base product piston comes to its stroke end. <IMAGE>

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