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Dispenser for fluids having a threaded bore air manifold

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Fluidaustragsvorrichtung mit einem Luftverteiler mit einer Gewindebohrung

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Appareil de décharge de fluides muni d'un distributeur d'air à alésage taraudé


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EP 98120344 A 19981028

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Dispensing apparatus (10) for dispensing heated thermoplastic material, such as hot melt adhesive, especially useful in intermittent dispensing operations. The apparatus includes a dispensing gun body adapted for connection to a supply of heated thermoplastic material and including a thermoplastic material discharge outlet and at least one air discharge passage for directing air at thermoplastic material exiting the thermoplastic material discharge outlet. An air manifold (30) having at least one air heating passage is provided with the air heating passage extending between an inlet and outlet thereof and the air inlet being adapted for connection to a source of pressurized air. The air outlet of the manifold communicates with the air discharge passage of the gun body. At least one heating element is thermally coupled to the air manifold for heating air passing from the air inlet to the air outlet of the air heating passage. The air heating passage of the manifold (30) includes turbulating structure, which advantageously takes the form of internal threads, for inducing turbulence in the air flowing through the air heating passage and thereby promoting efficient, uniform heating of the air during dispensing operation. <IMAGE>

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